A Day in the Life of a Fashion Boutique Owner

As the owner of My Vintage Beach, Liza tries to stick to a daily routine but also needs to be flexible to deal with any situations that may arise.

Each day for her can be different as everything needs to work around her full-time remote role as a program tools support manager for a global technology company.

Liza also juggles this role with being a single mum. Liza has captured for us a day in her life as it typically unfolds.

6 am – Wake up and go for a walk. I usually do this every morning or do 25 minutes of yoga.

6.30 am – go through work emails. As I work for an international company a lot of correspondence comes in overnight from the US and Europe. If I’m up at 6.30 am I can also respond to anything urgent before the day begins and possibly have a response in time before my colleagues go home for the day.

7 am – Look at social media for my boutique “My Vintage Beach.”

7.30 am – Wake up Lola for breakfast. After putting out her breakfast, I then shower and get ready.

8 am – Get Lola ready, make her packed lunch and pack our bags for the day.

8.30 am – Drive Lola to school.

8.40 am to 9:00 am – Grab a coffee at the local cafe and pop into the store to check on things and see if there is anything I can assist with to get the store ready for the day. When my Store Manager arrives we have a 10-minute chat then I head home.

9.30 am – Work from home on my IT role. Today I am learning a new system to see if it’s something we can use in our team. I am going to Las Vegas in a few weeks to attend a conference on this product, so I want to be prepared before I do.

11.00 am – Conference call with my boss. My team is also in Hong Kong, so I have a daily call with my boss to see where everyone is up to. This doesn’t always happen at this time every day, but today we meet as he is about to fly out to our head office in St Louis for a few weeks, so we need to talk about a few things.

Noon – Work on a few things we discussed on our call. If the task is a quick one I like to do it right away.

12.30 pm – Drive into town which takes 2 minutes to check on the store and buy ingredients for lunch. There was an issue with a customer return, so I ring them to deal with it. An item was damaged when it arrived, so I organise a full refund which makes the customer happy. I then pick up some smoked salmon and salad items from the grocery store and head home.

1.00 pm – Eat lunch while checking social media for the store. The Store Manager takes photos and posts Instagram stories throughout the day which is so helpful. I also upload and schedule posts about specific items in our online store.

1.30 pm – Back to my IT work until 2.45 pm when I have to pick up Lola from school.

3.00 pm – Settle Lola with an afternoon snack then continue to work until 6 pm.

6.00 pm – Prepare dinner and sit down with Lola to eat and talk about our day.

6.30 – 7.00 pm – Bath time for Lola

7.00 pm – 9.00 pm – We both sit up in bed with Lola reading a chapter book and playing a bit of Minecraft while I work on my IT work and social media for the store.

9.00 pm – Lights out

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