Feisty Ferdy - A Unique Australian Skincare Brand

One thing we are really passionate about is making sure that all the products we stock in the store are organic and cruelty-free.  Therefore we are always on the lookout for fantastic new products that meet these requirements.

At My Vintage Beach, we recently became a stockist for Feisty Ferdy. Feisty Ferdy is an Australian organic skincare company that produces amazing hand made skincare products for those that have problem skin. Their products help those with dry skin, eczema, allergies, cracked and raw and used and abused skin.

In particular, our store owner, Liza is a huge fan of the Farmers Friend Nourishing Hand Balm Bar.

"As someone who has always had really dry, tired looking hands, this product is nothing short of amazing. It has made a difference to my dry skin where other products have failed".

She is also a big fan of their lip balms and uses the tinted lip balm daily, as well as always has the Nue lip balm with her whenever she travels for serious moisturisation.

We are proud to be a stockist of this amazing and unique skincare range. All the items mentioned above, as well as some other products, can be purchased in-store and online.

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